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Scott C. Lovett

Scott C. Lovett is the overseer and founder of Real Church located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  In 2004, God asked him to found Real Church, a congregation of Holy Ghost power and direct Word, in order to bring forth servant ministers equipped to take America back for Jesus Christ.  

     His experience in the work of the ministry can be traced back to the early age of four. For two decades he gained ministry experience by serving and working under Pastors John and Rhea Parish at Lighthouse Christian center in Eufaula, OK. 

     While attending ORU he was privileged to work for such greats as Oral Roberts, Richard Roberts, Benny Hinn, and many other well-known ministers and ministries. In 1997, he was joined to Christine Lovett.  Together they founded Fervent Fire Ministries and over a period of twenty four years have assisted hundreds of churches and ministries with outreach, planting, founding, and vital ministry education in the form of local church structure and  ministry training.  During their time in ministry, they have seen countless individuals saved, healed, and filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Together, they have a desire to see God restore and revive the last day church to a place of unity and power.

     The ministry style of Scott C. Lovett is one of intense love for God and people.  His preaching and teaching is based in the principled Wisdom found in the Word of God, but to obtain life experience with God it requires the power and intimate work of the Holy Spirit. With a direct and dynamic preaching style, powerful praise and worship ministry, and the gifts of Spirit in operation, God continues to use him to minister to the hearts of people who desire a real experience with the Lord. 

Apostle /Overseer/42yrs experience /Non Profit Administrator/Bachelor's of Sacred Music

Christine was raised in a Christian home and saved in her mother's Good News Club at the age of five. She recommitted her life at twelve and was filled with the Holy Ghost at the same time. She found the power of the Holy Spirit was needed in her Christian life. The inner filling of the Spirit gave her the power to walk as a Christian. As the Holy Spirit empowered her with a fire for God she was able to minister to many of her peers. She traveled on missions to Panama at sixteen where she experienced an intense hunger for more of God and her burden for souls increased. While participating in missions she realized that the American church needed a Spiritual awakening. She began to pray and the gift of intercession was revealed. In 1994, she became a music major at ORU. While there, she was a part of the Frontline singers who performed in chapel and traveled on missions to Jamaica. She sang on the Richard Roberts show. She also sang with Souls A' Fire Gospel Choir and the annual Azusa Choir. 


In August of 1997, Scott and Christine married and became one in full-time ministry.  Together they purposed to fulfill God's plan for their lives.  As a proud wife of Scott and mother of their three beautiful daughters, she recognizes this as her primary ministry and responsibility. She lives out this calling with reverential fear.  As Scott and Christine have gone forward together in ministry, the God-given talents in Christine have been revealed on a whole new level.  Christine's love and talent for songwriting have been developed and evidenced in many of the songs she's written such as Jesus You Are, Faithful, In This House, and many more.  She has preached revival services, women's conferences, and at their own church home. Furthermore, God's providential passion that she holds for the Church and her country has flourished into an active administration and teaching ministry of two present generations.  Since 2011, she has been founding, administrating, and teaching at True Foundation Principle Approach School birthed out of their church plant, Real Church.  True Foundation has been selected to enter the FACE (Foundation for American Christian Education) leading schools program. In addition, she teaches Nationmakers and Renew the Mind Seminar study group that educates on the method of biblical reasoning and Christian founding that built our nation.  


Alongside her husband, she remains hopeful, expectant, and active in the revival, restoration, and reformation of Christian self, family, and church government, specifically, but not limited to our nation of America.  

Teacher /Overseer/23yrs experience /Education Head Master/Bachelor's of  Organizational Management

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Christine Lovett

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David A Barclay was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee and was the seventh of nine children.  From an early age, he was brought up to follow God and attended house church with his family.  David was 12 years of age when he heard God call him to preach.  When David was 15 years old, Bishop Henry Parks, of the New Step of Faith Holiness Church, formally ordained him as a minister of the Gospel.  With the Bible and Holy Spirit, God gave young David the principles of education that caused him to read and excel in numbers and mathematics.  Later on in his life he has become an inspiration and educator using the principles of God to reveal Gos in all of  creeation, life skills, and subjects.

David moved to Oklahoma in 1995 and attended Lighthouse Christian Center of Eufaula, Oklahoma, for three years before marrying his wife, Aleshia, in 1998.  There he felt a call and a draw to the vision and work that GOd had placed within the heart of Scott Lovett.  He was a regular support and encourager in the early years as Scott and Christine birthed Fervent Fire Ministries.  In 2004, he was called to help open up Real Church and became one of the intial leaders at its conception.  In various seasons,  David and Aleshia attended and supported many local Tulsa churches and ministries for more than 22 years. 

David has been called a “revivalist” by some and has traveled as an evangelist to several US cities.  He and his wife have led a series of prayer services at local churches to try to unify and bring revival to local cities and our nation. These services were called "The Jesus Prayer Revolution."  During this time they saw a deep hunger and desire  for the work of the Holy Spirit in the children and youth.  Believing that God desires to raise a generation

David, along with his wife and son, continues to operate in the office of  the Pastoral at Real Church.

Pastor/Elder/38yrs experience/  Motivation and Interecession/  Insurance & International Finance

David Barclay

John accepted Jesus when he was five years old.  He has been involved in churches for all of his remembering life, began playing in church bands when he was seven and started preaching when he was twelve. He received the baptism of the Holy Spirit when he was seven and developed a deep sensitivity to God's voice. Early in his life, he knew that he would never be "normal", but would devote his life to serving God. Because of his devotion to the house of God, pastors would often rely on him to serve in several capacities beyond the scope of his age. He attended Oral Roberts University and graduated in 2006 with a degree in Sacred Music. During his time at ORU, he met Stephanie and heard God tell him that she would be his wife. Through that relationship, he was also introduced to Scott and Christine and began working with them in October of 2003.  Since that time, John has assisted in countless projects and in the founding Real Church (where he now serves on the Elders Board as a Prophet), travelled and now also serves as the Administrator for Fervent Fire Ministries. All that aside, his one driving passion is seeing people grow up and mature in the things of God, sharing in the burdens and rejoicing in the victories. In all things, he seeks to glorify God until the day of His return, presenting to Christ a body that is more mature and beautiful everyday.

John has been gifted with a skill set that is overreaching in many areas.  From the intricate duties of all areas involving audio and video and image design and production in creative arts to build out, problem solving, and IT mechanics he is useful tool to everything involved in building for God's kingdom.

Prophet /Elder/30yrs experience /Creative and Organizational DIrector/Bachelor's of Sacred Music

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John Holler

Stephanie grew up in a family that was very involved in ministry. She was deeply sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit as a young child and began her walk at the age of three. She was filled with the Spirit and baptized when she was twelve and immediately felt a strong desire and calling to ministry. As time passed, that calling intensified through her late teenage years, especially during ministry at her local Assemblies of God youth camp. All through her formative years, she enjoyed and developed her passion for music. Upon graduation from high school, she attended Evangel University where she studied music education for one year. After that, she transferred to Oral Roberts University where she met her future husband, John. She graduated in 2005 with her degree in Music Technology and Worship Leadership. Before graduation, she was very involved in Fervent Fire and in the founding of Real Church, serving as Music Pastor with John. Along with leading the congregation into praise and worship, another passion she carries is to teach others the joy of music. After teaching private music lessons in a large studio, she started "The Academy of the Arts" to help this passion be realized. Not long after, she took over the leadership role at Tulsa Homeschool Choir, later adding in art and dance classes. She always thought music ministry was her main calling, but God surprised her when He also called her to teach at True Foundation Learning Center. What started out as a way to educate her children, blossomed into a passion to see the next generation educated in the principles of God, to truly give them a foundation upon which to stand. She and her husband, John, have two daughters and reside in Inola, OK.

Prophet /Elder/17 yrs experience /Music & English Educator/Bachelor's of Music Technology

Stephanie Holler

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