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Welcome to Real Church Online

Watch our free available content from this series
on Rumble by clicking the link
We still have some content on YouTube that you can check out. Click the button to go to our page.
FFM TV has loads of special content including sermons, The Final Word and much more to come!
Real Church operates on tithes and offerings of the congregation and viewers like you. Support us below!


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E-Membership offers distant congregants who are in need of prayer, counsel, and live service streaming a form of fellowship with Real Church. While in person relationship is restricted due to location barriers, we value the opportunity to be connected with you in the work of the ministry.  New technology gives Real Church the ability to extend beyond the  physical building and touch the lives of countless people through streaming and other online engagements.

 Due to distance, we are unable to provide support that requires in person presence such as officiating weddings, funerals, hospital visits and the like, but we are here to pray and reach out to you in various forms of communication.

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